I'm Charlie Baxter, a passionate English teacher.

About Charlie

Hi, I'm Charlie, your english teacher. I've been working with amazing students like you for the past six years, from all over the world. Here are three things I've discovered after teaching over 4,000 lessons:

Language learning is a journey that should be enjoyed along the way

Creating real connections with natives helps your passion for the language to grow.

Chasing language fluency causes frustration. Aim to be a confident speaker and the fluency will follow.

My lessons are most effective for students who are one or more of the following:  

  • A B1-C1 (Intermediate-Advanced) English Learner
  • Wanting to break beyond the intermediate speaking plateau
  • Are feeling "stuck" but don't know what more you can do to improve.
  • Want to bring your language studies to life! 

My Services

Online Group Classes

A more social experience with planned materials going through a specific topic. These classes give you the chance to learn from other students, more ways to practice your speaking and build your confidence in a group of like minded learners. 

Online Private Classes

A personalised lesson letting the organic conversation lead us to discover real english together. These classes give you the chance to bring your own materials to class or focus on whatever you might be struggling with, be it pronunciation, grammar or topic specific expressions

Sydney Workshops

Live in Sydney? Join me for a deep dive into building your speaking confidence with a range of group exercises out in the real world. These events will boost your speaking skills faster than ever before and keep you waiting for the next workshop that happens once a week here in Sydney, Australia

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